Nonthaburi man arrested with stolen women’s underwear

In the Bangkok suburb of Nonthaburi, a neighborhood man has been apprehended by police for stealing women’s underwear, telling police that the 39 pairs that he had stolen he would wear himself. The 37-year previous man was arrested on a warrant for burglary.
The man admitted to a string of thefts at night time in a housing property in Nonthaburi known as Ban Preuksa 38. Police sent him for a mental health analysis after taking him into custody the place he admitted that he enjoyed wearing the stolen women’s underwear, although apparently responded to questions about his gender by stating he was not trans and merely loved wearing the panties.
ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ ราคา stated that he had been a water delivery man earlier than however that he had lost his job. He was now dwelling within the housing estate together with his mom. He mentioned that he had only obtained a primary major training and had been living off the charity of his aunt who contributed support to his mother.
He issued an apology to the victims of his underwear theft and stated that he never offered any of the panties that he had stolen and that any of the pairs that he merely didn’t like, he would just throw away..

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